Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr


All the Light We Cannot See

By: Anthony Doerr 

530 pages; historical fiction 

Summary: Marie-Laure LeBlanc was only six years old when she went blind. She lived in Paris with her father who did everything he could to make her life easier for her. Her father was a locksmith at the National Museum of Natural History when Germany began invading France at the start of World War II. It was because he was held in such high esteem that he was chose as one of three people to hide the museums most valuable piece, a diamond called the Sea of Flames. Werner Pfennig was very young when his father died and he was sent to live in a children’s home with his sister. One day while out exploring, they find a broken radio which Werner takes home and repairs. He finds that these repairs come easy to him and Werner is soon repairing radios throughout his small, German town. One day he is taken to the home of a high ranking Nazi official to fix his radio. The officer is so impressed that he recommends Werner for one of the elite German schools, changing his life forever. 

Review: I absolutely loved this book. It isn’t your typical World War II book, in the concentration camps or a character living in squalid conditions. These are two children who grow up through the war, having to learn as they go, having to decide what is right and wrong. If you are a fan of historical fiction I highly recommend this book, even if you’re not I would still recommend it. Absolutely fabulous. 

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