World Book Day


Happy World Book Day everyone! 

Sorry I haven’t posted a review recently but Outlander is 850 pages and I probably won’t finish it until next week. But I am absolutely loving it so far!! 

Has anyone been reading anything good lately? I’d love to hear about any recommendations y’all might have! 

The photo above is of some of the books I’m hoping to read coming up! Some I’ve read, some I haven’t. Anyone have any thoughts on what I should read first?

2 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. Well you’ve seen I read Island of Bones which is great. I’ve had Outlander rec to me, but I’ve never read it. I heard it’s time-travel and I have a hard time grasping it sometimes, do you like its so far?


    1. I love it so far! The time travel bit is super brief at the beginning and the rest is set in Scotland in the 1700s, like it’s still mentioned occasionally but it’s mostly the story after the time travel. It’s so interesting and the characters are very well written! If you don’t mind the length is give it a try.

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