Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


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Thank you thewritestuff123 for the nomination! 

1. Did you have a book that meant a lot to you as a child? 
It’s always been Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for me because it was the first chapter book I ever read on my own. It started me down the road to reading at a young age and I haven’t looked back since. 

2. Is there any author of book that you collect and will always welcome multiple editions of the same title? 

There are a few authors whose works I collect. Jodi Picoult, Mary Higgins Clark, and James Patterson are three. I don’t own doubles of any of their books though. I never have been into having multiple copies unless an old copy is too fragile to read. 

3. Say that you find yourself judging a book by its cover (not that we ever do that!); what sort of covers do you go for? Are there any that are an absolute turn off?

Im more likely to pick up a book if it has a bright cover or an interesting picture on it because it catches my eye. It doesn’t mean I’ll buy it but I’ll look at it at least. 

4. If you could pick any imaginary animal to bring home to mom with an earnest, “Can we keep him??”, what animal would it be? 

A direwolf. They always seem so loyal in the ASOIAF series. 

5. Is there any book to movie adaptation that you simply refuse to watch? No way, no how, you’re not even giving them the opportunity to mess it up?

My Sister’s Keeper. I already know they messed it up. They changed the ending so fuck you hollywood for doing that. 

6. What is the most unusual book you’ve ever read? (Plot, writing style, chapter layout, etc?)

I’m going to say Dan Brown books. They’re very consipiracy theory-y and it’s not something I used to read a lot of. 

7. Is there any book or series that you’ve read that is so totally outside of your normal genre, but you loved it and would recommend it to others as a “take a risk!” type of book?

The Michael Bennett series by James Patterson. I always loved mystery books but I never read a detective series before. These books are so good. 

8. Do you have any bookish collections, or anything you covet and hope to someday collect? Candles, artwork, bookcases?

I collect funko pop figurines. I think they’re so cute. I also have a collection of Harry Potter memorabilia. 

9. What book has been on your TBR pile the longest, but you just can’t convince yourself to pick it up?
Nothing I can think of. I’m usually good about reading. What I have in my pile. 

10. You get a $500 gift card for all things bookish-do you run to your nearest bookstore and spend like a fiend? Or do you create pro/con lists (a la Rory Gilmore) to make sure you get just the right and perfect and wonderful bookish things? Or are you eyeing a particularly expensive bookcase somewhere?

I make a list of all the books I want and then buy as many of them as I can. 




My questions…. Honestly I’m too lazy to think of good questions and the ones I answered were some really good ones so answer those!!

10 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. I love all your answers! 🙂
    My younger sister collects Funkos of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I’m scared if I buy any, I will end up spending ridiculous amounts of money on them haha. There are tons that I want though!!

    Liked by 1 person

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