Reading Slump

One of the things most books readers fear is falling into a reading slump. Like, this might even top the fear of having your favorite book turned into a really bad movie. 

But I’m feeling a slump coming on and I’m trying to stop it before it starts. I’ve been reading Clash of Kings and I just can’t seem to get through it. My progress is slow, I’m not reading as often as usual, and I’m getting frustrated. I think it’s because I’ve been so tired with work. I had to work 10 straight days and had little time for reading and now my mind is just shutting off. 

Does anyone have a method for getting out of a reading slump they’d like to share? Any thoughts on stopping one before it starts? 

I thought about trying to read something easy, like a James Patterson. Or maybe picking up Half Blood Prince and continuing my Harry Potter reread for the year… I’m not sure what to do yet. 

3 thoughts on “Reading Slump

  1. Sometimes you have to wait it out. I have been doing better but I sometimes don’t read for days at a time. Not necessarily a “slump” but a tiny break. To get put of my last one I did a “seasonal” read, one that went with the season. So maybe you need a summer like book or a light read to get you out. Plus I wouldn’t stress too much…working 10 straight days would kill any activity for me!

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    1. When I’m in a slump I might read like 10 pages and get distracted and that’s all I read all day. I was thinking of finding a light read or an easy read to try to get back in my reading zone but I usually have to wait it out too. I just hope it’s a quick slump!

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  2. What I did earlier this week to get out of my reading slump was to get a book that I love and have reread multiple times (that is also short), on my kindle (so that I can’t see the length) and read it. I skipped over boring parts or parts that weren’t interesting me to parts I liked (by that I mean I might have skipped a few paragraphs) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also did this at night when there were no other options for things to do as my computer was dead and I couldn’t sleep so no distractions. It helped me get out of my slump in no time.

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