Book photos 

Hello my dears! Sorry I’ve been so bad about posting the last few days, it’s been a crazy weekend so far!! I hope you are all having an amazing Sunday! I’m going to throw some pictures your way for the days I forgot to post recently. 

One of my all time favorite books with my favorite cast of characters!    
I picked Serena by Ron Rash as a book if recommend. It’s different but was incredibly good! 


 The Hobbit falls under the category of favorite childhood books since k read it for the first time when I was 8 or 9! Plus some of my favorite bookmarks. 


I absolutely love the way this picture came out. I took this one for books and nature and clean books. I wasn’t sure what clean books meant so I picked books I had never read before.   

And this one is from today, book and memory. The photo is from my first day of school in my uniform! 


I’m really hoping I’ll finish Dragonfly in Amber and soon so I can start posting more reviews again. I know I haven’t been posting many but I hope all of you are still enjoying my blog!



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