Random book photos 

Hey guys! 

Sorry about not posting the last few days, it’s been a crazy busy week for me! 

I don’t have much in the way of Friday Finds so I’m just going to make this a random post. 

I have a few tags to catch up on so I’ll be doing those next week hopefully! 

In the meantime have some pictures 🙂 

 This photo was for a bookish beginnings tag on Instagram. Harry Potter was the first book I ever read.  
 This is my collection of Alice in Wonderland related books! Well, part of the collection anyway. 

   My Outlander books… I can’t wait to get to Voyager!! 
 My July TBR which is crazy big because of my book challenge! The info was posted in a prior post if you want to join! It’s running all month! 

   More Harry Potter because this is what I’m currently reading! 
 Post High School Musical Zac Efron is just so 😍😍

   The other book I’m currently reading for my readathon! 

This is my readathon in case anyone is interested in joining. 


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