Hi Book World

Ugh, so my crazy long week is not quite over. I have one more shift before I get my own little long weekend in the middle of the week. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to it!! 

I’m hoping the weather will be super nice so I can get lots of reading done!! 

A few things I want to read this week: 

   First I want to finishing reading To Kill a Mockingbird because I’ve never read it in its entirety (a sin, I know) but I need to! It falls under the “should have read in school but didn’t” category of my reading challenge. 
 Second, I want to finish Deathly Hallows for two reasons. 1) it completes the “favorite reread” category of my book challenge 2) it completes my Harry Potter reread for the year! 

  Third, I want to read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks because an Instagram friend was telling me how good it was! I’m not sure which category this one will fall under for my challenge. 
A few other things! 

First, I was tagged to do the Too 5 Female Characters tag on Instagram. I couldn’t pick just 5 so the photo below shows some of mine! 

  1. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter 
  2. The ladies of The Help
  3. Alice – Alice in Wonderland 
  4. Katniss – The Hunger Games
  5. Alyssa – Splintered 
  6. Josie – Out of the Easy

Plus I added Dany and Charlie because they’re awesome!! 

Second, Hot Topic was having a sale for their funkos and they were buy three get one free so I bought a few … It’s a problem, I know. 

 I got the 10th Doctor though!! Look how cute he is!! They had him in his normal getup, without the glasses but I liked this one better. 

 And I have a sonic screwdriver!!   
 Ummmm…. And I got King Bob … Like how stinking cute is he? I’m so excited for th minions movie!! I’m thinking about going to see it for my birthday which is next week!!! 

5 thoughts on “Hi Book World

  1. I seen that the Hot Topic here had all the Doctor Who funkos and I had refrain myself from buying every single one! And all the Supernatural ones, of course. I have a fear that if I buy one, I won’t be able to stop! lol. It’s a legit fear. I have a problem with stuff like that. If I get obsessed with something, I buy it all. Haha.

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