Beach Day

So, today my mom, my sister, and I went on a little adventure up to Canada to go to the beach. It was one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in a long time. Because we were in Canada we have to shut our phones off and it was so liberating. I really need to start doing that more often. It was nice, not worrying about people texting me or checking social media … 

I also got a ton of reading done today!! I brought The Lucky One with me to the beach and read the first 130 pages while we were there. I do find it difficult to read on the beach sometimes because of all the people. People just don’t know how to act in public sometimes. We had a group of annoying teenage girls behind us who wouldn’t stop talking about girls they know and their bras and it was so inappropriate and obnoxious. Thankfully they weren’t there long and the next group that sat behind us was quiet and respectful. 

I’m even further in the book now! 200 pages in and about 175 left to read!! I might even finish it tonight which would be exciting. 

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