Harry Potter: More than just a story

The Harry Potter series has been called many things throughout its existence. Yet I don’t think I’ve ever heard it called an educational tool. I don’t mean an educational tool in the sense that it promotes reading or that it is a good book to learn with. Here is what I actually mean. 

I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time when I was 7. I was amazed by the wizarding world and wanted dearly to be apart of it. So I imagined I was. If I had to read a boring book for English class it was actually some dull tome for History of Magic. If I had to do a science lab I was really working on something for Potions class. Softball practice after school? Nope, it was really Quidditch practice before the final match. 

I attribute my success in school to my imagination. I was able to turn school into something fun by pretending it was something else. I did this all the way through college! I imagined myself to be where I really wanted to be, Hogwarts, and it made learning so much easier for me. 

I’m sure some of you will think this is nuts. How could I pretend to be studying Potions when I was really taking some biology or chemistry class? It wasn’t about pretending the material was different, it was about imagining the setting being different. I could picture the dungeon where Potions was held and Snape standing in front of the class with a sneer on his face. I could imagine stern Professor McGonagall in front of the room lecturing on proper pronunciation and focus. It’s something that really helped me over the years.

Maybe I am crazy though. Whether I am or not, it was an effective method to get me through school. I loved school because I could let my imagination run wild and fully appreciate what I was learning. It made writing essays and studying for tests so much easier because I could imagine being in the common room with Fred and George goofing around, Harry, Ron, and Hermione sitting in a corner plotting some new adventure. 

I’m curious to hear other people’s thoughts on this. Am I just someone with a crazy imagination or are there other people out there who used a similar method? Do you do this with other aspects of your life? Or am I the only one who constantly imagines them self in the fantasy worlds of books and movies and tv shows? 

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter: More than just a story

  1. This is so interesting. Whilst I do imagine myself in the fantasy worlds I tend only to do it when I’m bored in cars because I can’t read (awful motion sickness) or to help me sleep (does anyone else make up stories in their heads). I have never done it at school before. Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

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  2. That does not sound crazy! I was influenced by HP very much..I wanted to go so bad to Hogwarts that I more or less chose the school I went to because it was in a little castle 😉 and I would not be doing what I am doing know I guess if it weren’t for HP. I never imagined stuff like you, but I like to imagine myself in the stories of the books I love and I turn it so that I am character in it, most of the time I do it when I can’t sleep..may sound crazy to some people..but I don’t care 😉

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