Top Six Sunday! 

Hi all!! So I decided, to try to get myself to post more regularly I was going to create my own little Top Six Sunday! There might be something like this out there already and by no means am I try to steal anyone’s idea! This just came to me this morning so I’m running with it!! 

I actually got the idea from participating in Top Ten Tuesday each week. I hope no one takes offense to my doing this and I welcome everyone to participate if they would like to! 

  (Image taken off google and edited by me) 

Without further ado, the first Top Six Sunday topic is: 

Top six books you’ve read so far in 2015! 

   1) The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult- it tells the story of a young Jewish woman who is asked by a former SS officer to help him die. 
 2) All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr- tell the story of a young blind girl during World War II and the piece of history they are trying to protect from the Germans. 

 3) Burn by James Patterson- continues to tells story  Of New York City detective Michael Bennett after his family is put into witness protection. 
 4) Splintered by AG Howard- is the story of Alyssa, descendant of Alice Liddell and how she must return to Neverland to undo a curse upon her family. 

   5) Betweem Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys- tells the story of a young Lithuanian girl who is forced from her home during World War II by the Russians. 
 6) Outlander(series) by Diana Gabaldon- the story of Claire and Jaime Fraser. I am including the first three books in the series because they have all been amazing so far!!! 

I would love to hear what your books are so far! If you decide to participate post the link to yours in the comments so I can read it! 🙂 

Happy Sunday all! 

9 thoughts on “Top Six Sunday! 

  1. So random but those London and Paris pictures in your second picture, I have them too!

    I am debating on reading the OUtlander Series. I’m not enjoying Game of Thrones too much so I’m not entirely sure I’ll like Outlander, but every time I read the synopsis it sounds good! I also want to read Splintered. My list of books to read is never ending *sigh* lol!

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    1. Outlander is very different from Game of Thrones so don’t count it out just yet! Outlander is set in the past but follows actual historical events and it’s an adventure with an epic love story! I’m in love with the series 🙂 I also thought Splintered was a fantastic spinoff of a classic story!

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