Ways to Connect

Hi all! 

I recently decided to add a few things to my life. 

First, I set up a bookish email account. If you have suggestions for things you would like to see me post about, books you would like me to review, anything at all, you can send me an email now! Also, if you’re an author and would like someone to read your book and post an honest review I would be happy to! I’ve done this before but would love to do it more! 

The email is: nicole.alycia.in.neverland@gmail.com

Second, I am now on Goodreads!!! =)

Feel free to add me! Just look for Nicole Alycia and look for the loser who looks like this ⬇️ 

I add everyone!! 

That’s all for today my dears 

❤ Nicole 

One thought on “Ways to Connect

  1. I love adding people from the blogging community on Goodreads. I’ll look for you 🙂 (oh, I hope that didn’t sound too stalker-ish 😉 )


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