Sarah Dessen and Colleen Hoover 

 (Both images taken from google images) 

So, I don’t usually ask for much but I’m asking you guys to do me a huge favor! 

Everyone always seems to talk about Sarah Dessen and Colleen Hoover! But I’ve never read a book by either of them! I need to know what all the hype is about, pronto!! 

I’m asking, nay, begging for book recs for each author. The books that get the most recs will be purchased for my kindle and read in the month of October! 

Please help 🙏😘

10 thoughts on “Sarah Dessen and Colleen Hoover 

  1. I have read all of Sarah Dessen’s books. I think my favorites were What Happened to Goodbye and Saint Anything. I was able to download most her ebooks through my local library. As for Colleen Hoover, I love all her books. If I had to name favorites it would be Ugly Love and Maybe Someday.

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  2. The truth about forever by dessen. I like Desseon but after reading 6-7 books you realize there’s a formula she follows in every-single-book. She still has unique characters and situations. I can’t wait to read Saint Anything.

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