Books for Fall

Fall. Changing weather, leaves turning yellows and reds and oranges, big sweaters, hot coffee and hot chocolate and hot apple cider, Halloween and spooky costumes … So much changes when fall hits so I always feel the need to change the theme of the books I’m reading to reflect fall. 

Here are some books and series that remind me of fall: 

 1) Harry Potter – What’s more fall than witches and wizards and mythical creatures?   
2) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children– this series has such an eerie feel to it, it’s perfect for fall. 

3) The Lunar Chronicles –  I feel like a fairytale retelling is perfect for fall, especially when they involve cyborgs and evil queens!     
4) Asylum – insane asylums and ghost stories … Need I say more?


5) The Mortal Instruments – demon hunting sounds like the perfect fall book to me. 
6) The 5th Wave – a post apocalyptic world where humanity is fighting to survive against an alien invasion. 


7) Anything by Gillian Flynn because her books are dark and mysterious. 
8) Splintered – it isn’t the Wonderland you remember, it’s darker and more twisted than before.   

9) An Ember in the Ashes – it’s the cover with this one, it just draws me in and reminds me of fall because f the colors. 
10) The Hunger Games – dystopian books are always good for fall


11) Anything historical fiction for the fall, I just think it’s the appropriate time of year to read them (and winter as well) 
12) Alice in Zombieland- because zombies … 


13) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – it’s a dark and twisted story but so good. 

14) The Maze Runner – another dystopian series for fall


15) The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer – I haven’t actually read these books but they make me think of fall 

I hope you’ve enjoyed me list! 

What books make you think of fall? 

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