Sunday Book Musings: Harry Potter Edition 

I’m just really in the mood to bombard all of you with posts but I don’t want to post all of my reviews because I have a schedule for them. 

So I’m trying to think up things to post about. So far this weekend I’ve told you which book series would come with me if I were to be stranded on a desert island (which would be preferable now as long as there’s plenty of food and water) and which books remind me of fall. Therefore, while I’m typing I’m trying to think of something else to post about this weekend before I post another book review tomorrow. 

So here is a bit about me and my Harry Potter obsession 🙂 

   1) My favorite book in the series is Sorcerer’s Stone because it is the book that started it all. 
 2) My favorite character is Luna Lovegood because she is so unique and free spirited and she just knows to be herself all the time, no matter what people think. 

   3) My favorite book to movie adaptation is Sorcerer’s Stone… While reading parts of the book I can hear the movie characters saying lines in my head. 
 4) Favorite book quote: “I hope you’re pleased with yourselves. We could have been killed – or worse, expelled.” Plus I love how they put it in the movie. I thought movie Ron’s response was better than the book response. 

 5) Yes, I get a bit disappointed ever year when I miss the Hogwarts Express.   
 6) Yes, I’ve been to Harry Potter World. I bought a replica of Luna’s wand along with a Ravenclaw mug, a Hogwarts journal, I got to try butterbeer and so much more! 

 7) My house is Ravenclaw although I wouldn’t mind being in Gryffindor. I am a total nerd though and love to learn.   
 8) My parents were the people who introduced me to these books. My dad read me the first one when it came out in the US and a few months later I was reading it to him. I was 7 the first time I read these books by myself. 

   9) I had a crush on Oliver Wood after the first movie came out and it carried through the rest of the series. 
 10) The class I would be most excited about would probably be Transfiguration and then Defense Against the Dark Arts. 

   11) My least favorite book is Chamber of Secrets. I don’t know why but it was always my least favorite… Maybe because of the spiders. 
 12) I cried when the series ended. It broke my heart to see it all over. I know it will live on in all of us but I wish it was real and I wish that JK Rowling would write companion novels and series for us.  

 13) Whenever I read these books I like to imagine I’m a student at Hogwarts and I’m reading these books for a class while some first years are being annoying on the other side of the room. 

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