Authors I Would Read Anything They Write

There are a few authors out there whose works I adore. I love them so much it wouldn’t matter the genre, the plot, the content, I would read anything they published. 

Here are some of those authors:

   1) James Patterson- I’ve read all his Michael Bennett books, almost all of his Women’s Murder Club books and I’ve recently started the Aex Cross series and the Private series. These books have yet to disappoint! I hear he even writes romance novels! 
 2) Marissa Meyer- Her Lunar Chronicles series has been amazing so far! I love her writing and her characters! There is just so much to love about her and her writing! 

   3) George RR Martin- The world he created in this series is just amazing. The characters are so dynamic and fun and diverse. All the storylines are adventurous and interesting. It’s been quite the adventure so far. 
4) JK Rowling- She’s written fantasy, contemporary, and private detective books and they have all been phenomenal so far! I can’t wait to see what she does next! 

   5) Diana Gabaldon- I adore her writing style, the description and detail she puts into her work. It’s what makes her writin unique and beautiful. And the characters she’s created in Outlander have been incredible to read about so far. 
Who would make your list? 

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