My Continued Lists of Book Things I Like

I just really feel like posting tons and tons lately but I’m running out of ideas (not really but I don’t want things to get repetitive) 

Here are some books that I really want to read but haven’t gotten around to them yet:

   1) Alice in Zombieland– this was going to be my next read but then I remembered the read-a-long for A Storm of Swords and I didn’t want to pick it up yet. 
 2) The Nightingale – I have no clue why I haven’t picked this one up yet, it’s been on my shelf for months now! 

   3) Library of Souls– just picked this up at the start of the month so I need to read it pronto. 
 4) Sanctum- it’s going to be my Halloween read this year 🙂 

5) Cress– I have an excuse, I literally just finished Scarlet 

   6) The Night Circus– I heard so many good things about it so when I found it on sale I had to pick it up, but I still haven’t read it. 
 7) Harvesting the Heart– along with four other Jodi Picoult books I haven’t read yet

   8) Drums of Autumn- I plan on starting this at the end of the month hopefully! 
 9) The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer– I couldn’t find a picture of it on my phone so this is the closest I have. But yeah, totally need to read it still. 

   10) A ton of James Patterson books … These are just 3 there’s, like, 30 more. 
 11) Go Set a Watchman– I picked it up immediately when it came out but never actually read it. I will though. 

Any in particular that I should get to first? 

What book would make your list? 

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