Throwback Thursday: Book Edition 

Books set in the past that are must reads: 

   1) The Devil in the White City; non fiction, set in 1890-93 Chicago during the creation and duration of the World’s Fair 
 2) Outlander; historical fiction/fiction/lots of things. This series is so cool because it takes place in the 1700’s and it takes place all around the world! You learn so much reading these books because they are so engaging and informative, plus the characters are fantastic! 

   3) Night; non fiction, holocaust story. 
 4) All But My Life; non fiction, holocaust story. 

   5) Between Shades of Gray; WWII, historical fiction, Soivet Union invasion of Lithuania 
 6) To Kill a Mockingbird; fiction, discusses racism in the south of the United States 

   7) Out of the Easy; fiction, 1950’s New Orleans
 8) The Nightingale; (I haven’t actually read this yet but everyone says it’s so good) 

   9) Code Name Verity; historical fiction, female pilot during WWII
 10) Sarah’s Key; historical fiction, French discrimination against Jews during WWII, only half the book is set in the past. 

   11) All the Light We Cannot See; historical fiction, France during WWII, main character is young blind girl in a port city. 
 12) Orphan Train; historical fiction, orphan trains travelled through the US transporting orphans to try to get them adopted, only half the book is in the past. 

Books that deserve mention but I don’t have photos to go with them:

13) The Help; fiction, discrimination in the southern United States 

14) Rose Under Fire; historical fiction, WWII female pilot

15) Unbroken; non fiction, US Olympian turned WWII soldier becomes a POW in Japan after his plane crashed in the Pacific

16) The Monuments Men; non fiction, team of men during WWII sent into war zones to try to protect and recover artwork and architecture in Europe

This is the list I was able to come up with. Are there any books that you would add? 

I also want to do a post of book recommendations this weekend! If you’ve read all the way to the bottom and want to offer up a recommendation I’ll link the recommendation back to your blog! 

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