Pan: The Movie

It may be hard to believe but I am a huge fan of Peter Pan. So when I heard that they were making an origin story movie about Peter Pan I had to go see it! It helped that Garrett Hedlund was in it because he is just so ๐Ÿ˜

All around, this was a fantastic movie! I loved the backstory, Peter in the orphanage, getting kidnapped by pirates, it was all so cool! Neverland was awesome! The special effects were very well done  and made the movie even cooler. 

The acting was great! I loved the kid that played Peter! He was fun to watch and he was the perfect Peter Pan. Garrett Hedlund was fantastic as Hook. He wasn’t anything like the villain you know. He was fun and funny and absolutely insane. Rooney Mara is absolutely gorgeous and fantastic as Tiger Lily. She was totally badass! Plus Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard was ridiculous. I wouldn’t have known it was him if I didn’t already know it was him. 

This is a movie that is amazing for people of all ages to see! It’s a fun adventure with comedy and action. 


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