Must Read Monday

This weeks “Must Read Monday” is going to feature one of my all time favorite authors, JK Rowling! 

  Yes, she is most famous for writing the Harry Potter series but she did not stop there. The Harry Potter series is what propelled her into the spotlight, writing a series about a young wizard who lost his parents and is forced to continuously fight for his life against the Dark Lord, Voldemort. Each year brings new challenges into Harry’s life but he is surrounded by friends who become family to him. It’s a story a whole generation grew up on and it’s a story that will continue to endure because of them. 

There has been a demand for more Than Harry Potter related novels ever since the conclusion of the movie adaptations but, so far, Rowling has not obliged the fans. Instead she went ahead and began writing a new novel, The Casual Vacancy, which is extremely different from the Harry Potter books in every way possible. 

  The Casual Vacancy takes place in a sleepy little English village. It’s a more realistic story, something that might actually happen. It follows a handful of characters after the death of one of the more prominent men in the community. There’s a spot open on the council and everyone wants to get their hands on it to satisfy their own interests. While it was extremely different from what most readers were used to, there’s no denying that Rowling had just produced another outstanding novel targeting the more adult generation. 
 After the novel The Cuckoo’s Calling had some quick success, it was revealed that the author, Rober Galbraith, was actually a pseudonym for JK Rowling. She has now released three books under that name (Career of Evil not shown) and they have become instant successes. This series follows a private detective by the name of Cormoran Strike as he works towards solving cases. The first book in the series, The Cuckoo’s Calling follows Strike as he works to prove that famous model, Lula Landry, did not kill herself but was in fact murdered. The second novel, The Silkworm, follows Strike as he tries to find missing author, Owen Quine, after he runs off. 

I have yet to read the third book, Career of Evil, but I’ve been seeing nothing but rave reviews so far. 

And that concludes my must read Monday! I hope you enjoyed 🙂 

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