Mockingjay Book and Movie Review



Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins; 390 pages

The games are never over. 

After having been rescued from the arena, Katniss is transported to District 13. The districts of Panem are in rebellion against the Capitol. All are looking to Katniss to lead them. But will she be able to? 

Will the girl on fire be able to lead the districts to a victory over the Capitol?

Or will the flame of the rebellion be quenched for good? 

I don’t usually give this book the greatest of reviews. Having read it for the third time now I’m coming to appreciate it even more. 

I always thought the book was really slow and relatively dull. Having read it again I realized it wasn’t nearly as dull as I always thought it was. The action is interspersed throughout the entire book but can be easily overlooked because of the frame of mind Katniss is in throughout the entire book. Reading it again I’ve noticed the artistry that went into it and how well done the entire book is. As a result it’s getting a higher rating than I’ve ever given it before. 

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Movie Review: A Spoiler Filled Movie Review. I will hold nothing back so if you want to be surprised turn back here. 

I give the movie an A+

It was a fantastic ending to a phenomenal series. This has been one of the most accurate book to movie adaptation series I have ever seen. 

They took dialogue directly from the book and put it into the movie. The only thing they changed was how Katniss got to the Capitol. I’m a little upset but not really. I wish they would have included Katniss and Johanna training together to get to the Capitol but it was still good. This only would have made it better but I understand it wasn’t included because of the length and they wanted to emphasize other parts. 

Finnick’s and Prim’s death scenes were exactly how they were in the book. No, I didn’t cry, I have no heart. I was expecting them and there was a build up so it was entirely expected. I like that neither death was drawn out either. They were quick, like in the book. The only time I teared up was when Katniss sees Buttercup and starts yelling at him … The rest of the audience was giggling. I couldn’t believe it. All the deaths were heartbreaking but for some reason that scene hit me the hardest. I was expecting it but actually seeing it was different. 

Everything progressed the way it did in the book, the movie picked up right where it left off. Warning, there was only ONE preview before the show I went to see so make sure you’re in your seat when it is scheduled to start! They included the epilogue in the movie which was adorable. They included Tigris, and she was as creepy in the movie as they made her out in the book! They did make her younger and more “beautiful” or maybe elegant is a better word. 

It was just such a good movie. They did this series justice and I’m glad to be a fan. I almost feel proud of what they’ve done. I loved it and I’ll probably go see it again. 

4 thoughts on “Mockingjay Book and Movie Review

  1. Ahhh I feel exactly how you feel about the movie! Unlike you though I cried the whole time haha especially when Katniss was yelling at Buttercup, and people in my theatre were laughing as well!

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