WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday is hosted each week by the lovely Sam over at Taking on a World of Words!! 

What are you currently reading?  

 Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga, the final book of the I Hunt Killers series. I’m not quite 100 pages in yet but it starts where book 2 left off and it’s pretty intense so far! 

What have you recently finished reading?  

   I just finished reading The Martian last night and it was AMAZING!!! Hopefully I’ll remember to set up some reviews to post this weekend and it’ll be up by Monday. 
I also read Game by Barry Lyga (I Hunt Killers #2) and it was really good! 

What do you plan on reading next?  

 I’ll be starting my December TBR tomorrow or Friday and I’ll be starting with The Night Circus!!! I’m so excited to finally be reading it! 

What have you been reading this past week? 

  Also, here’s part 2 of my bookshelf makeover 😊 look for my next post and I’ll show my final set of shelves! 

3 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. I so glad you loved The Martian. It is SO good. I keep trying to convince everyone I know to read it 🙂
    The Night Circus is good and the writing in places is beautiful, but it can be a bit slow at times… I hope you enjoy it.
    And I’m so impressed with all the effort in reorganizing your bookshelves. I should really do the same. We moved 2 years ago and I just shoved them in where there was space!
    Here’s my WWW: https://clairehuston.wordpress.com/2015/12/02/www-wednesday-2nd-december-2015/

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    1. I did not expect to love The Martian as much as I did!! It was fantastic!!
      And the bookshelves was quite the fiasco when it started because once I got all the books off my shelves I could barely walk through my room 😂 I need a bigger space for my books lol

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