Must Read Monday 

This weeks must read Monday is going to feature a newer author who came on to the scene a few years ago. She has written two books so far with her third set to be released in 2016 and her genre is predominantly historical fiction. 

Without further ado, this weeks featured author is ….. 

Ruta Sepetys:

Between Shades of Gray was published in 2011 and is about the Soviet Union invasion of Lithuania during World War II. It was an extremely powerful book because it is about a topic we don’t typically learn about. For me, it was something entirely new because American schools don’t teach about what happened to other countries while the Allies were trying to make their way to Germany. The writing is absolutely amazing as well. Words have power and her words were incredibly powerful. 

Out of the Easy was published in 2013 and takes place in New Orleans during the 1950’s. Josie is the daughter of a prostitute in the French Quarter. Wanting nothing to do with that world, Josie works hard to save up enough to leave New Orleans one day and go off to college. But then a murder occurs and her mom is a prime suspect so Josie has to decide where her loyalties really lie, with the life she has or the life she wants. This is another extremely powerful book, more fiction than historical fiction this time. But she creates this amazing world full of lies and deception and secrets that just seems so New Orleans. You just get wrapped up in the characters and the writing is once again beautiful. 

Salt to the Sea is set to be release on February 2, 2016. Another World War II novel, this one also focuses on a lesser known topic. Thousands of East Prussian citizens are fleeing for freedom and safety and this story follows three of them as they band together to fight for their survival (paraphrased from Goodreads). I cannot wait for this book to come out in February! I will be going to pick it up the morning it comes out so I can start reading it right away. 

I think Ruta Sepetys is a brilliant author and if you haven’t read any of her books yet I highly recommend them. It’s been a while since I’ve found an author who writes solely standalones that I have enjoyed this much. 

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  1. Great post! I have seen “Between Shades of Gray” many times at B&N, but have never had the chance to read it; heard it’s good read! If you can, check out my recent post about some of my favorite books at

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