Must Read Monday 

This weeks Must Read Monday is going to feature on of my new favorite series! It’s the Michael Bennett series by James Patterson and it was introduced to me about a year ago by one of my best friends! 

Michael Bennett is an NYPD detective  and he works high profile cases. For the most part each story has its own storyline. Only two of the books tie together but even then, it’s not for the entirety of both books. The actual cases he works are insane! They are always high profile and so intense!! 

The character Michael Bennett is just fantastic. For the most part he is this bad ass NYPD detective solving cases with the aid of FBI agents. He’s rough and tough and, if it’s to be believed, a total doll. And then there’s his family life. He had 11 kids, all adopted, all different races. I love it. That alone makes him such a unique character. And he’s so great with those kids with having such a crazy schedule. And then there’s Mary Catherine the nanny who is such a great addition to the cast. 

It’s a great series and is definitely my favorite series by James Patterson! 

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