A Very Bookish Christmas

I got this idea from a post on Instagram. There’s a readathon that has a photo challenge involved and one of the photo prompts was “7 characters you would invite to your Christmas party” … What a great idea for a blog post right?! 

Instead of 7 (the photo was day 7) I’m going to do 10. So without further ado, here are the top ten bookish characters/families I would invite to my Christmas party: 

  1) The Weasley family- I think it would fantastic to have the Weasley clan there, and of course Harry and Hermione too! I would love to experience Molly’s cooking, see the twins making jokes and pulling pranks, Arthur discussing muggle things with the other guests.. It would all be so much fun! 
  2) Tyrion Lannister- He would bring so much wit and conversation to the table, it would fantastic to listen to what he has to say and to see how he would interact with other guests! 
  3) Captain Carswell Thorne- He is just so… Words cannot do this man justice. He would have to be there. No doubt about it, he would make the list. He’s so charming and funny and he would be great to have. 
  4) Jamie and Claire Fraser- I wouldn’t mind young Ian coming along either but I would most certainly want the Frasers at my Christmas party. Perhaps Jamie could even bring some of the spirits he cooks up in the backwaters of the Carolinas. 
  5) Bilbo and Frodo- What would a Christmas party be without Hobbits as guests. Frodo would be more than welcome to bring along Sam and Merry and Pippin as well. The more the merrier… as long as they don’t eat all the food! 
  6) Alaska, Pudge, and the Colonel- They are such an entertaining group to begin with, I think they would be fun to have at a Christmas party! 
  7) Morpheus- He is such a show off and a flirt that he would be keeping all the guests entertained throughout the evening. 
  8) The Bennett clan- Michael Bennett and his 11 adopted children would be a fine and fun addition to the party. It’s not a Christmas party unless there are kids running around making a mess of everything! 
  9) Josie- I would love to have a fellow bookworm at the party and she would have so many interesting takes to tell because she is from New Orleans! 
10) Robert Langdon- First, I can’t believe I don’t have a photo of The DaVinci Code or Angels and Demons on my phone to go with this one. Second, sorry for being lazy and not just taking one. Third, I would love to talk about symbolism and conspiracy theories all night! It would be so thrilling! 

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