Character Christmas List

The lovely Bookmark Chronicles tagged my to do the character Christmas list tag! This sounds like so much fun!! 


  • Pick 10 random characters from any book/movie/show and try to figure what you would give them for Christmas 🙂
  • Tag people and spread the word!

1) Hermione Granger- books, obviously, and maybe another cat so Crookshanks has a companion

2) Harry Potter- broomstick accessories, or maybe tickets to see a Quidditch match 

3) Park- records and comic books

4) Claire Fraser- a medicinal kit or a book about herbs and plants that can be used for medicinal purposes 

5) Michael Bennett- a nice dinner or a hotel so he can get away for a night and relax 

6) The Peculiars- I would get them something modern like a computer or a tv so they can learn more about the times they are missing 

7) Cinder- I would get her a high tech mechanics tool box… Or maybe a new foot :p

8) Cress- a trip around one of the major continents so she can absorb earth up close

9) Josie- she works in a book store so probably books

10) Alaska Young- a book, but a classic, and maybe some booze and cigarettes 

Feel free to do this if you haven’t yet! 

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