My Bookish Crush

So I’m sure you have all had a crush on a fictional character before, I know I’m not the only one. So I thought I would share a few of mine and invite all of you to comment and tell me yours! In the spirit of Christmas, and once again inspired by the 12 days of booksmass readathon on Instagram, this is going to be book characters I would mind meeting under mistletoe 

  1) Oliver Wood-😍  he was my first bookish crush and to this day I cannot tell you why. He was barely in the books or the movies but I thought he was so adorable and just … yeah. It always kinda stuck. 
2) The Weasley twins- it doesn’t matter which one, I never had a preference. I would take them both if I could 😊

  3) Michael Bennett- okay, okay, he’s the father of 10 adopted kids and is like 15 years older but his character is such a badass when he needs to and such a sweetheart the rest of the time! 
  4) James Fraser- if you’ve read the books I don’t need to explain this, if you haven’t read the books you should get on it and find out why he made the list 😉
5) Ian Murray- where I am in the series he’s only, like, 15 but he is so damn adorable! 

  6) Captain Carswell Thorne- ugh he’s just so fantastic! He’s funny and sarcastic and adventurous and such a bad boy who’s really a sweetheart! 
  7) Peeta- I want my own Peeta! He’s loyal and unwavering and so dependable! This is what I want in my life right about now! 
So, who would make your list? 

Also, have a stupid picture of me from the Christmas party I went to this past weekend!  

 We named the penguin Reginald (wait for it) the Penguin and we (meaning me) accidentally broke him 🙃

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