January Top 5 TBR

I put together the top 5 books I want to read at the start of this year! It’s a bit different than what I had originally put together but that was a few weeks ago and I’m always changing my mind 😁

I finished reading Illuminae this morning and have started reading A Court of Thorns and Roses! I’m excited to be reading my first Sarah J. Maas book! 

Next up will be Six of Crows for a goodreads book club I am a part of! It’s our January book! 

I’m thinking the order after that will be Winter, The Elite, and then The Infinite Sea! 

I’m so excited to get to all of these books! I’m also really excited for Passenger by Alexandra Bracken to come out next week! 

What books are you planning on reading to start 2016? 

2 thoughts on “January Top 5 TBR

  1. ACOTAR is very good and it was my first SJ Maas book too! (everyone else seemed to start with the Throne of Glass series but I had to catch up with that). I hope you enjoy it.
    I have to get through the book I’m currently on (which is huge) but then I can finally read Six of Crows too 🙂 I’m really looking forward to it as I haven’t seen a bad word about it yet 🙂

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