2016 Reading Challenges

I have a bunch of reading challenges I’m planning on taki part in this year!! 

1) Goodreads- I’ve set my goal at 105 books this year! (Last year I read 98)

Add me to follow my progress, talk books, recommend books, or to have books recommended! Find me here

2) Pop Sugar 

 Here is the Pop Sugar challenge for anyone else wanting to participate! It should be fun! 

3) Royal Reading Challenge 

 This one is being hosted by The Queen Reads and you can find the original post here

4) Random one with my bestie 

 My best friend found this one and asked me to do it with her so I figured why not! 

Are any of you participating in any reading challenges? 

11 thoughts on “2016 Reading Challenges

      1. That’s a good plan! I didn’t have a list at all and just kind of went with it, which made it hard to keep up and then just felt more stressful than it really should have been.

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  1. I’ve decided to read at least 15 books in 2016 that I already owned at the end of 2015 but have never read! Some of them I’ve had for 10 years!! January has almost come to an end and I’ve read 4 books out of the 15 but I have also acquired about 8 new books in the mean time! πŸ™‚

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