The 8th Confession by James Patterson 

I don’t have a picture of this book ……. I feel like I completely failed while reading this …. 

Okay I’m over it and back to the review! 

The 8th Confession by James Patterson; 458 pages 

The rich and the famous are dropping like flies in San Francisco and no one knows why. Lindsey Boxer is put on the case with her partner Rich Conklin. They have no evidence, no witnesses, no leads. 

Meanwhile, Cindy discovers a homeless man dead in the slums. He is a man everyone claimed to love so Cindy lights a fire under the SFPD to find his murderer. 

I just love this series so much. I love that the main characters are women who all work in the crime business. What I am getting a little annoyed with is the love life of Lt. Boxer. She has a man she claims she loves but she can’t marry him because she has feelings for her partner and he isn’t afraid to let her know how he feels. But she’s too old for him and she’s his partner so it wouldn’t work …. Like yeah I got all that 3 books ago can we please move on already? I think (praying I’m right) that that whole angle is done and over with finally. 

The crimes themselves were really cool to read about and to try to figure out what happened. And I loved the end for the murder of the homeless man. Totally was not expecting it! 

All in all, it was another great addition to the series. 

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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