Star Wars Movie Review

Yes, I know it came out like a month ago. 

No, this was not my first time seeing it. 

I waited this long to post a review of the movie to give everyone time to go see it so people couldn’t yell at me as much about spoilers BECAUSE THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!!!!! 



Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

It was a fantastic movie but it does not deserve 5 stars. 

Mainly for lack of creativity. Loved the characters, loved the special effects, but this story seemed oddly familiar …. Oh wait, because it was more or less done in episode IV. 

I have no problem with them following the same storyline as the original movies but I wish there would have been some hint at that beforehand. I went in there expecting to have my mind blown by some incredible creation by JJ Abrams and I was slightly disappointed. Not enough to hate the movie but enough to go in and look at it very critically which is how I noticed all the similarities to the original. 

Character time! 

Finn: I liked him. I know there are people out there who thought he was a useless character, thought he wasn’t funny or helpful, thought he was annoying … but I liked him. I thought he added a bit of comic relief, I liked that he was a storm trooper who couldn’t handle that life and left. I loved that he wasn’t the Jedi! It makes it more interesting to see what happens with his character! 

Rey: Loved her! She was badass, well played, and she’s a Jedi!! I loved that twist! 

Poe: Poe Dameron was awesome! Probably my favorite character in the movie but my favorite character is usually a secondary character. I just think he was fantastic and a damn good pilot! 

Kylo Ren: Lame! The lamest villain ever! Yes, I know a lot of people think he was supposed to be that way, he’s supposed to be struggling to live up to Vader but I can still think he’s lame! Does anyone else with he was more attractive? I could have done lame but hot villain! 

Rey really reminded me of Luke Skywalker though. And speaking of Luke, who else thinks he’s Rey’s father?! I totally do! 

Oh and I thought the end was really lame. I think it would have been so much better to have Luke take the light saber from her versus standing there staring at it. 

Okay, enough nitpicking! I really did like the movie! I thought it was very well done. 

I do think the next movie is going to be Luke training Rey though (just saying) kinda like how Episode V went. But we shall see! 

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Movie Review

  1. Great review! I absolutely loved the movie – I’ve seen it twice, and the second time I went I wore my hair like Rey’s … Loved loved loved Rey! She is so awesome. And she’s totally Luke’s daughter (I hope – if not I will be very unhappy). And I really liked Finn and Poe. And I agree with you about Kylo Ren. I can’t stand him. He was just an angry boy having temper tantrums. I did love the ending however, but I would’ve liked to hear the whoosh of the lightsaber at the end of the credits or something to indicate that Luke took the lightsaber and turned it on. That would’ve been really cool. Looking forward to seeing where the series goes!

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    1. I’m glad you like my review! I was worried people would be mad because I was raving about how amazing it was. But I did still love it! Rey is so amazing and I’m so glad she’s going to be our main character throughout the trilogy! I think she is going to be pretty spectacular! And yes! Kylo Ren was just throwing tantrums during the movie when things didn’t go his way, that’s the perfect way to put it!

      If at the end they would have done something with the lightsaber I would have been happy with it, I thought it was anticlimactic to have them pan around them with her holding it out and then credits. I do love that she found Luke though!

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