The Woes of Reading Slumps

I am in such an awful reading slump and have been for about 2 weeks now. 

At first I didn’t think it was a reading slump, I had a lot on my mind and figured it was all of that and it would all go away once that was over but it didn’t. Now I know for sure I’m in a reading slump. 

Over the last two weeks I just haven’t been able to finish a book. It’s taken me that long to get halfway through Winter by Marissa Meyer. I know it’s an 800 pages book but it’s such a fun and easy read o figured I would be done with it by now.  

It’s not like I’m not enjoying it, I am very much, but every time I sit down to readi feel like I’m distracted and cannot focus on what I’m reading. 

I’m also still reading A Storm of Swords which is a reread but it’s taken me three weeks to get just over halfway through that.  

 So I’m at the point where I recognize that I have a problem and I need to remedy it. Everyone has their own ways to break out of a reading slump and here are mine: 

  1. Stop reading. Once I finish what I’m struggling to get through I won’t pick up another book for a week or so. I’ll watch Netflix and movies and break out one of my coloring books instead. Anything to take my mind off reading and how frustrated I am that I’m in a slump. 
  2. Pick up a favorite. My go to is usually the first Harry Potter book because I know I’ll read that quickly no matter when I start it. It gives me some confidence back. Then I’ll usually go on to read the second book to build it up even more. I try not to read something new when I’m in a slump. 
  3. Just suck it up and keep on going. If neither really work I’ll just pick up my newest book and start reading but I have to keep reminding myself it’s going to take longer to get through. 

What are some ways that you guys break out of reading slumps? 

That’s also why I have been so MIA the last few weeks, I have no reviews to post because I am not getting through any books. Plus I’ll be starting school next week so I may not post as much then either. Hopefully I’ll still be able to get a decent amount of reading done while I’m in school but if my reading continues to be slow you might see lots of picture posts, maybe some polls… 

What would you guys like to see me post since my reviews are slowing down and coming further apart? I’d love to hear what you have to say. 

10 thoughts on “The Woes of Reading Slumps

  1. I like your book pictures. Maybe seeing genre groupings or covers that look awesome together even if they’re not part of the same series? etc.

    I have one book I read that always gets me out of my slump, but I’m also a fan of Super Mario games and that delights me.

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    1. I like that suggestion! I can work on some ideas like that this weekend before I start school! Thanks!
      There always seems to be that one book that helps get everyone out of a slump. I’m hoping to read mine Sunday and kick this slump.

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  2. Usually to get out of a slump I’ll read really short books, or graphic novels. Things that are quick and might get me back into reading the chunkier books, like the ones you’re reading at the moment. Either that or I watch booktube and see if any particular books sounds really interesting to me and go for that to see if it’ll break it 🙂

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