My Funko Collection

Who else out there collects the pop vinyl figurines?! 

I love my collection so much so I thought I would show it off in its entirety since I just added a bunch of new ones yesterday!!  

 BB-8 is one of my new ones and I love him!! He’s so adorable! 

   King Bob the minion! And Sadness from Inside Out! 
 I love this version of Katniss so much! My second favorite is her in the red dress! 

   Avengers Assemble! I still need Hulk and Black Widow but I’ll have them soon hopefully! 
 My Game of Thrones crew! Left to right: Arya, Oberyn, Tyrion, Dany, and Drogon! 

   My Doctor Who ones! 
 Dean Winchester and Charlie from Supernatural! 

   Harry Potter! I still need Snape and Voldemort and I can’t wait for the new ones to come out in March! There’s going to be a Luna one! 
 Claire Randall! No Jamie Fraser though, no where has him in store. 

   BB-8 again and Por Dameron! I have the biggest fictional crush on Poe Dameron from the new Star Wars movie! 
 Daryl and Glenn! I really want to get Rick and Carol and Maggie! 

Not pictured is Sarah Manning from Orphan Black. 

Do any of you have a collection? Who’s your favorite? 

13 thoughts on “My Funko Collection

  1. LOVE IT! I have started “collecting” these on Pinterest because if I bought all the ones I want I would bankrupt myself 🙂
    I love the one of Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in her yellow ball dress, and the Cogsworth is also really cute.

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    1. The Cogsworth one is adorable! I buy one or two every other month to kinda keep myself in line with the amount I want. That way it gives me time to make sure I actually want them.
      I didn’t do that with BB-8 or Poe Dameron though because I nearly did a happy dance when I saw them in the store so I couldn’t pass them up!

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