Paperback vs Hardcover

I am finally coming close to finishing the books I am reading! But until then let’s have a discussion! 

Paperbacks or hardcovers? 

My thoughts: 

I love hardcovers because they look so gorgeous and there is just something so satisfying about seeing them sitting on a book shelf. There’s something about the spines and the dust jackets that I cannot get over. And then when you take the dust jacket off there’s that beautiful simplicity about them.  

But there are so many amazing things about paperbacks too. They are so much easier to transport because they are lighter and take up less space. Plus they are so much cheaper than hardcovers!  

 I mostly go for paperbacks when I’m book shopping unless I cannot wait for the paperback to come out. I really wish the hardcover and paperback versions of books were released at the same time. I know it would make my life a lot easier! 

So, which do you prefer, paperbacks or hardcovers? 

13 thoughts on “Paperback vs Hardcover

  1. This is so hard! I totally agree with all your points, hardbacks look so good on bookshelves but paperbacks I find are easier to read. When I read The Bane Chronicles hardback it took me ages to read cause it was so heavy it hurt my wrist haha! I think I’d choose paperback just for the practicality 🙂

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  2. Oh, this is difficult. I agree that hardcovers are pretty and paperbacks are also easy to carry around. BUT, hardcovers are also more robust—the corners won’t bend and the spine won’t break as easily. That being said, I always thought the think cardstock in the “hardcover” copy of Emma Donohugue’s Room was the best option.

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