Best/Worst Endings

It’s happened to all of us. We get so caught up in a series that when the final book comes out we have such amazing expectations for it and then it falls flat … 

On the other hand, there are those series where the books just get better and better the further along you go and end on such a high note you can’t help but smile and wish there were more. 

So here I am going to list for you the series I think had amazing ending and the series I think had just abysmal endings. 


 I shall start with none other than Harry Potter. This series has one of the best ending you could hope for in a series. The good guys win and live happily ever after! But not before the good guys go through many trials of self discovery and learn not only about themselves but about others that have had a part to play in their lives. 

  The Hunger Games is another one. When I first read Mockingjay I wasn’t overly thrilled with how things ended. It wasn’t until I went back and read it a second time that I truly appreciated how nicely the whole story was wrapped up. 
  The Lord of the Rings, quite possibly one of the greatest trilogies ever written with the perfect ending. A story of love and loss and self worth and self discovery, of bravery and courage and unrelenting strength…. Came to such a beautiful and satisfying conclusion. 
  The Lunar Chronicles series … Just wow. I just finished this series and it has very quickly put itself at the top of my list for favorite series. It’s not number one but it’s definitely in the top 5. 

   The Maze Runner series … I really enjoyed the first two books and I thought the final book was just making a complex story at the end of the game and it was just too much. The simplicity of the first two books is what made them good. 

 Divergent series…. The first two books were AMAZING! The final book was pure crap! I was reading it like, what the actual fuck is going on and when is it going to get good. The only part I liked was the actual ending and I’m one of the few people who did. At that point I didn’t care what happened I just wanted the story to end. 

  Twilight. I’m not saying I thought the rest of the series was good because the whole thing is pretty bad but Breaking Dawn was just so boring. At least the other books had some action in them, this was just …. god awful. 

   A Song of Ice and Fire …. Any day now George, any day 

 I read and loved The 5th Wave and now I can’t wait to read the rest of the series! 

   I just need to read  Catacomb and then I will have finished the amazing Asylum series! 
 The Selection series, I’m actually starting The Elite right now! 

What books would make your list? 

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