A Life Well Lived, Pt 1

So I decided I’m going to do a piece about life and living it to the fullest by putting together a bucket list and posting it in chunks on here. The whole piece is going to be called “A Life Well Lived” and I’m not too sure how many pieces it is going to contain at the moment because my list will forever be growing I hope! 

The first part is going to consist of things on my bucket list I’ve already completed. So here goes:

1) Go to Disney World- I’ve been twice now and I am itching to go back again! It really is the most magical place on earth! My sister and I are trying to plan a trip for this summer if we can go for a reasonable price 

  2) Go to Venice- I went to Venice in the summer of 2009 and it was one of the coolest experinence ever! I got to eat real Italian food and it was amazing!  

  Venice, Italy On the beach in Venice
3) Eat gelato in Italy- we had a gelato stand down the road from the hotel and we went their at least 6 times in the 2 days we were in the hotel so we could try as many flavors as possible! 

4) Ride on a gondola- it’s such a cool experience! It’s nothing crazy but it’s nice to be able to sit and relax and look around!  

  5) Go to NYC- I’ve been a handful of times now, the first time was for my 16th birthday! I got to go to a Yankee game while there!     

6)Visit the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park-  


7) Visit the Statue of Liberty- I can’t find my pictures from my trip to the statue but I got some pretty awesome photos while there!  
  8) Go to London- went in the summer of 2009 and was there for 2 days! I want to go back so bad!  


9) Visit Buckingham Palace and see the changing of the guards ceremony – very very cool to watch!  


10) Visit Windsor Castle and see Queen Mary’s Doll House- it’s absolutely gorgeous by the way       

11) Go to Amsterdam- I went in the summer of 2009 for 2 days and would totally go back again!  


12) Wear real wooden clogs made in the Netherlands 

 okay were standing in a wooden clog but I got to actually try some on! 

13) See the windmills of the Netherlands – they are an absolutely breathtaking sight to see 

14) Visit Anne Frank House- very cool experience. 


**Disclaimer: any of the photos with words on them are not mine, I took them off google images**

*** the rest of the images are from my personal collection! 

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