Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell


Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell; 342 pages

This isn’t the Neverland you know and love.

Gwen and her mother have been moving from city to city for as long as Gwen can remember. Her mother is convinced they are running from monsters but Gwen isn’t convinced. Monsters aren’t real, everyone knows that. Then they move to London and Gwen is kidnapped by the Fey and taken to Neverland where she meets a young captain who tells her all about the real Neverland and the real Peter Pan…

I love anything and everything that involved Peter Pan and Neverland so I assumed that this book would be right up my ally….. And man was I right! I absolutely loved this book!

I thought the characters were fantastic! I loved Gwen, I totally understood why she thought her mother was crazy, I would have too. I understood her need for an escape and I understood why she did not want to listen to her mother and all her crazy demands. I loved Rowan, our younger more unruly Captain Hook. And then there is Peter Pan and you have no clue what to make of him. I loved how you could not tell who was good and who was bad for the longest time as well. And then the end kinda just threw all your prior notions out the window about what was good and what was bad!

I thought the writing was fantastic as well. She did a fantastic job of describing the world of Neverland and the effect it had on people. You got a really good idea of all the different creatures that inhabited the world as well from her descriptions.

After reading this book I officially added the rest of Lisa Maxwell’s books to my TBR. The other series she wrote sounds like it would be absolutely amazing!!

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Now reading: A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab (I’m hoping to finish this one by the weekend)


8 thoughts on “Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell

  1. That’s it, I’m reading this book next month! Or on the end of March if a miracle happens and I have the space, lol Thank you so much for the review ❤ ❤

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