New Favorite Female Authors

We have all, at some point discussed our favorite authors on this site. I know I have. But what I have not done recently is talk about new authors I have discovered recently that I have realized I would read anything by. I figured I would start with the female authors on that list seeing as I have a tendency to read more female authors than I do male authors. I have nothing against male authors, I just find that there are more female authors being published in the genres I read right now. I mean look at all the popular series that have been coming out lately, so many female authors!

So here is my list!

  1. Kiera Cass- I loved The Selection series and I am so excited to read The Heir and The Siren!
  2. Lisa Maxwell- I just finished reading Unhooked and I’m dying to read another one of her books now!
  3. Marissa Meyer- Picking up The Lunar Chronicles series was one of the greatest decisions I made in 2015 and I am so excited to read her new book, Heartless, when it comes out later this year!
  4. Victoria Aveyard- I read Red Queen before all the hype last year, and I haven’t gotten to Glass Sword yet but I am so excited to read it!
  5. Sabaa Tahir- I read her first book and loved in and cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!
  6. AG Howard- I read the first two books in her Splintered series last year and it was so amazing! I need to get to the final book asap and she needs to write more books because I loved her style and the characters she created!
  7. Sarah J. Maas- I read my first book by her this year, no it was not the Throne of Glass series, but A Court of Thorns and Roses was absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to read the Throne of Glass series now!
  8. Ruta Sepetys- I am a huge fan of historical fiction, I read books under this genre all the time but her books completely knocked me off my feet. Her books have been so amazing and so informative and so beautiful! There are things in her books that I never knew before, and I like to consider myself a history person. Such an amazing author.
  9. Diana Gabaldon- I was so intimidated when I picked up Outlander because it is just so long and I had no clue whether or not I was going to like it… I read the first four books in the series last year and plan on reading the last four this year. Her writing is awesome, I love all the detail she incorporates, and I love the characters she created.
  10. Kristin Hannah- The Nightingale was the first book by her that I ever read and now I have three more waiting on my kindle with a few more on my TBR!
  11. Alexandra Bracken- I read Passenger earlier this year and found it to be quite enjoyable, so I’m looking forward to reading her Darkest Minds series later this year! Also, I cannot wait for the next book in the Passenger series to come out! I can’t think  of the name of it right now but I know it comes out next January.
  12. Madeleine Roux- Loved, loved, loved Asylum and Sanctum and I cannot wait to read Catacomb, I might add that to my TBR for April!

Are there any authors you have come across recently that you are excited to read more by?

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