Harry Potter ReRead: Day 1

  I started my Harry Potter reread today!! I only got through the first book because my hair appointment took waaaaaaay longer than I thought it would and my sister didn’t go out like I expected her to. So instead of being able to start reading nice and early and reading through dinner I had some interruptions. 
I must say, these books never get old. I love rereading them every year because I imagine myself at Hogwarts taking classes and playing Quidditch …. Dating Oliver Wood because I have the biggest crush on his hardly mentioned fictional character …. But yeah, I absolutely love these books! I probably won’t finish reading all the books in a week because I still have work most days but I’m hoping to get through the first four at least!

Wish me luck! 

Also, a few people asked me for photos of my hair so I shall oblige! The photo above has my new cut and color and here are some more:

  Before (I’m the one on the right!) 
  After!! I don’t have any pictures of the back but there’s even more purple and it’s shorter in the back!
I ended up getting almost 7 inches off the back of my hair! I couldn’t believe I had that much hair to cut off! 


15 thoughts on “Harry Potter ReRead: Day 1

  1. Ah I can’t get over your hair, it’s so cute! I’m getting mine cut off today (actually in less than an hour I have my appointment) I’m super excited!

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      1. I just got it cut and it’s a bit longer than I wanted (I have to keep it a bit longer because I have dance completions coming up) but it feels super nice.

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