Drawing a Blank

I honestly cannot believe this but I am sitting in front of my computer, trying to think of things to talk about and I have nothing. No ideas. Nada.

I feel like such a failure right now. My mind feels so overloaded by work and school right now that I have not been able to get a lot of reading done lately. Rephrase, I have not been reading a lot of new things lately. So I do not have any new reviews for you guys (not true, I’m working on my review for (The 9th Judgement by James Patterson). img_8670-2

Therefore, I may not post a lot of bookish things in the next week. Just a warning, I’m going to read a new book next (I think it is going to be Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith). But until then I have a review for the movie “Room” to work on and I am going to see “Allegiant” this weekend so you can expect me to rant about how awful it was because it was nothing like the book and the ruined the series after the second movie and they should have stuck with the original storyline because it was fine the way it was (okay I hated the third book, except the ending WHICH WAS FANTASTIC, even though most people hated it) …. I highly recommend skipping that review if you do not want to read a rant. I do love the img_5201-2

I am currently writing this post in class while watching the girl sitting two rows in front of me take selfies… I am trying so hard not to laugh because she looks so dumb. Like, why do you have to do that now? At least I am doing something that makes it look like I am taking notes (even though anyone behind me could tell I am totally not) but yeah… I do not know why I keep using parenthesis during this post (I am weird and I am just going to go with it).

Sorry for the rant this is the end of it. I’ll try to come up with some post ideas soon!  

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