Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted each week by The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks topic is recommending 10 people on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Blogs but I’m lazy and don’t feel like going through all of them. 

Here are some people you should follow on Instagram that are total dolls though. They’re always there to chat and are super friendly:

  1. Molly @mollysbooknook
  2. Aimee @aimee_reads23
  3. Courtney @captivatedbywords
  4. Tori @_bookdreamer
  5. Lindsey @thepagemistress
  6. Annelise @anneliselestrange

I hope I spelled everything right! 

My real Top Ten Tuesday is going to be 10 books I need to read pronto because I’m in a reading slump and this is starting to get ridiculous! Long title but my reading slump is starting to piss me off. 

   1) Glass Sword which means I’m going to have to reread Red Queen because I don’t remember anything about it 
  2) Monument 14

 3) And Then There Were None – my next book 

   4) Percy Jackson and the Last Olympians 
 5) These Shallow Graves 

   6) The Siren
 7) The Museum of Intangible Things 

 8) Snow Like Ashes

9) The Young Elites

10) Red Rising 
 11) Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer

 12) Seven Black Diamonds  
13) Zodiac

    14) Wolf by Wolf
15) Never Never 

   16) A Madness so Discreet 
Okay, it was a lot more than 10 but I think this is why I’m getting frustrated. My TBR is so long and I can’t seem to get through a book :/ 

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Good luck! I know that I have to be in a certain mood nowadays to read because my days have been crazily anxiety-ridden. It’s not easy but take some time to relax before reading!

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      1. That’s how the last few weeks have been for me. I’m hoping after I turn in my paper on Thursday I’ll feel less stressed and I’ll be able to focus on reading more


    1. I’m a kid at heart when it comes to mythology and Riordan makes learning about it fun! I hope you both enjoy it! And Monument 14 sounds like it could be really good! I’m excited to read something a little different in that genre.


  2. *squeals in pure joy* OWWWN, NICOLE! THANKS SO MUCH FOR INCLUDING ME ON SUCH A SHORT LIST! I am feeling so honored I could hug you forever!! ❤ I love talking to you (and your blog. and your instagram. and your purple hair. ok, I'm being creepy now, I'll stop, haha!), so the feeling is mutual!!

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