My Mess of a TBR

Hi all!

How do you keep track of your TBR?

Hopefully better than me. I try to keep track of it by using a TBR jar. But then I forget which books I’ve added to it, which books in it I’ve already read because I do not always use it. I have lists and lists and lists but I just do not know anymore.

The more I am part of the book community the more disorganized I seem to become with all of this! What I really need to do is make a list of all the books I have on my kindle and all the books I have on my shelves. Then go through the ones I need to read vs the ones I have already read.

Or maybe that would just make things even more complicated…. I don’t really know at this point.

I just need to come up with a good system and stick to it. I have been so all over the place and unorganized with this whole thing it is really starting to bug me. Hence this post.

So I am looking for suggestions. What works for you? Any suggestions to get my TBR under control?

19 thoughts on “My Mess of a TBR

  1. The struggle is so familiar. I was completely stressing out about this back in February because my TBR exploded when I discovered bookstagram. I then decided to make a list of all the books on my TBR that I either already have on my shelves or which they have at my local library. I put these books in my TBR jar and wrote a list of all the books I put in this jar so I can keep track of the books that are in there. So far, this system has been working out quite well. It’s given me a chance to catch up on some of the books I’ve been meaning to read for ages while also saving some money by not buying too many new books. Even though I’ve still bought a few books which I absolutely want to read as soon as possible and/or simply need to have on my shelf.

    I hope you will find a way to figure out your TBR. Good luck!

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    1. I was thinking of doing mine the way you are. I was thinking of taking a day off and writing down every book on my shelves and putting that aside as one list. Then I would make another list of the books I have on my kindle. Then a third list of the books in my TBR jar. It sounds super complicated but I think I have a system worked out in my head.
      But thank you! Hopefully what I’m thinking will work!

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  2. I am still looking for a good system. Right now, I have a list dividing my books into four groups: 5 stars are books I want to read now. They are the first I go to when I finish a book. I often choose by date of purchase or my mood 4 stars gets picked up to replace a 5star when I’ve picked one of them. 3 stars are the one that can wait so I sometimes grab one randomly when I have been reading too much of the same genre. 2stars books are ones I received and did not buy myself and I am not sure I’ll ever read them.
    That’s not very helpful xD

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  3. I keep track of my books by using an Excel spreadsheet. I have all of my books on there (mine, Kindle, borrowed, loaned out). It did take awhile to set up because I’ve got 1400 books on the list. So, I’ve got an Excel list for books that I have, I’ve got an Amazon “wish list” titled “Books To Read” of books that I don’t own but that I’d like to read someday (this one is in the 800’s), I’ve got an Amazon list for series I’m in the middle of and I don’t have the next book yet, and I’ve also got an Amazon list for books coming out. I don’t particularly like Goodreads, so I don’t really utilize their listing capabilities, nor do I have my Amazon linked to my Goodreads page. It gets super confusing when I forget to add something to a list, or if I go to a book sale and end up buying 2 of the same book (yeah, that’s happened – AND I already owned the book). But I do keep the lists on my phone so I always have them with me, I just sometimes don’t look at the lists. Hope this helps! I like my Excel list the best, but you do have to type everything on there – I did title, author, if it’s kindle, the book is autographed, etc. If I loan the book out, I mark down who I loaned it to and when, and I also indicate if the copy is loaned to me from someone.

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      1. It can get confusing if you forget to update the lists, so that is the downside. You do have to keep it updated. But, since I am constantly getting more books, and going to library book sales where I’m bringing home like 40 books at a time, it’s easier to keep the list organized than to rearrange my bookshelves constantly to accommodate the books I get. Which is why I don’t have beautiful, perfect bookshelves. My shelves are a complete mess because I have too many books! πŸ™‚

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  4. I like using Goodreads. I know a lot of people don’t keep up to date with that, but I do. I have a shelf for TBR at home for books I’ve bought but haven’t read, and one generally for all my TBR books. Then when I finish a book I set it to “read” and take it off of that list. The other suggestion I have is a TBR shelf. I make lists of what books I’ll read in what order, but I never follow it. So instead I set up a shelf with all my TBR books and choose from there. Hope this helps! (And did you know TBR is the slang world means “to be real”? I confused so many non-book people talking about my TBR :p)

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