Game of Thrones Season 6


So, as everyone is probably aware, Game of Thrones Season 6 premiered Sunday night. 

I have a love/hate relationship with this show. It started out as love…. Until it got to season 4. 

The first three seasons of the show were amazing. They were extremely accurate to the books. I allowed for some changed because you couldn’t do everything exactly and I got that. My biggest pet peeve from the first 3 seasons was the name changes. But you can only have so many Roberts and Osha/Asha characters running around before it starts to get confusing. 

Since then it’s been more of a hate relationship. This is where the spoilers will begin in case you didn’t believe my warning before. 

Last chance to turn back. 

First I’ll start with Sansa. What the actual fuck are they doing to her character. She became one of my absolute favorites in the later books. Such a conniving little badass with Littlefinger …. Why the hell is she married to Ramsay Bolton?! And her and Theon trying to escape and Brienne coming to save her …. Last we see of Brienne in the books she and Podrick are being hung by Lady Stoneheart aka Catelyn Stark who, I might add, never comes back into the show even though Thoros is supposed to resurrect her! Back to Theon and Sansa, why does it look like she went from hating him to looking to him for advice in a matter of episodes … I don’t get that. 

And what’s up with Tyrion being in Meeren with Dany?! He’s not supposed to meet her yet! He’s supposed to meet another, very interesting character who is supposed to blow your mind! (I’m not saying anything more about this because it might still come into play). 

And don’t even get me started on Myrcella’s death and Jaime going to Dorne to get her 🙄 I don’t even know where that came from. Jaime is supposed to be in the Riverlands when Cersi is imprisoned. And Myrcella was very much alive last I heard about her in the books. But this was supposed to be Jaime’s big character development in the books too! He starts to look like a leader and to be strong even when his world is crumbling around him. 

Arya and Cersei’s storylines I’m very happy with. And I really enjoyed the twist with the Sandsnakes last night. I was hoping we would see more of them in the show! 

Jon …. Well I think the sacrifice of Shireen at the end of last season is going to play a part in him coming back to life. It was meant for Stannis but maybe it was for Jon unknowingly. We shall see though! 

End rant! 📚

17 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 6

  1. Well I’m also a bit more tentative about this season- I agree with most of what you said- I do agree that Sansa’s character was going in an interesting direction, but I’ve kind of given up hope of that happening now. And I one hundred percent agree with you about tyrion (that bit still makes me mad) and I’m totally expecting jon back from the dead any day now (please evil gods of westeros don’t let me down!)

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    1. The Tyrion part really upset me because it was such a huge plot twist I had to reread the reveal a few times before I fully comprehended what I was reading! And I think Jon rises from the dead but my fall back is him becoming one of the White Walkers and leading the army of the dead.

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      1. Nah, I think it’s Jon- you know the whole theory L + R = J right? That’s what I think anyway. I think Dany has a part to play, cos of her prophecy in house of the undying that the “dragon has three heads”- so obviously she’s one of them- there’s also this theory going round that tyrion’s the third one- don’t know about that though- I’d like it if it was true. Yeah just a bit!

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      2. I think it might be Aegon too if they introduce him in the show. My friend thinks we didn’t see him last season because there was already so much going on they wanted to introduce him at the right time.

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  2. Squeal!!

    I have that exact same Daenarys pop figure. I love it, but her feet are so tiny that she can never stay standing. 😦

    OK, it looks like you are very fixated on the the TV show matching the books. That shipped sailed a loooonng time ago, so I think we as fans should move on.

    The show has encroached upon fan-fiction territory in seasons 5 and 6. The sooner you learn to accept the show as an alternate universe or author-sanctioned fan faction, the happier you will be.
    Very soon we will start seeing even more story that the books have not even had a chance to explore yet. And it’s very possible that what we see on the show will never appear in the books.

    I’m very happy with both products and have accepted them as distinct and separate entities.

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    1. Well that’s why I said I have a love hate relationship with the show. I wasn’t expecting the show to match exactly but I didn’t think they would change things so drastically. And in some cases I think the changes were awful. It’s hard to separate those things sometimes when I fell in love with the books first.
      That being said, I still am very excited to see where things go. There’s so much intrigue around it now that the show has surpassed the books. And I am totally expecting the books to continue to be different than show because, while Martin is signing off on it, he’s not actually writing the show.
      So like I said, love/hate. I still think it’s an amazing show and the books are amazing as well.


  3. Like you I have a love/hate relationship with the show. I really enjoyed the first three seasons, and then season 4 came along with the changes to the Tyrion/Jaime/Tywin dynamic. Don’t even get me started on how terrible last season was! Why again does Sansa need to marry Ramsay to get Winterfell?? That whole plot line is completely ridiculous, and Dorne is no better. And then you have Brienne standing there in the snow waiting for a candle to be lit. Uh yeah…talk about a wasted opportunity with a majority of the characters! I wasn’t sure I’d watch this season, as last season just really made me angry. But I watched last night and loved how the did the Melisandre reveal – that was great, but the rest of the episode was very lackluster and boring. I think I may continue watching – I was worried that the books would be spoiled for me, but I don’t think that will be the case. It kinda seemed that Benioff & Weiss don’t know what to do with certain characters.

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    1. I thought it was rather boring too at times. I did enjoy the bit with the Sandsnakes and I’m very happy with Arya’s storyline but I’m furious about Sansa and Brienne!! And I don’t like Tyrion’s either. He’s such a dynamic character and I feel like he did nothing all episode. I can’t stand how big of a baby Sansa is in the show because I liked her development in the books. Plus Littlefinger’s plot to gain Winterfell was so much better than this one!

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      1. Sansa is my favorite character in the books, and she is unrecognizable in the show!! But, with that said, her plot from the books would be difficult I think for dynamic television, because so much of her struggle is internal. But they totally could’ve done something else besides have her be tortured by Ramsay – that was just a ridiculous, over-the-top, only doing it for shock decision. And it also impacted Theon’s story, which was so heartbreaking in the books, but on the show it’s just too overdone. Arya’s storyline seems to be going well, but Tyrion isn’t doing anything, and didn’t really do anything last season either. I just don’t understand why they made certain decisions/cut certain scenes/added ridiculousness in. I’m interested to see what they do with Bran’s story – heard they filmed a Tower of Joy scene, so maybe we’ll see if R+L=J this season – perhaps Bran will see that in one of his visions. Now I really want to do a re-read, but I’m trying to hold out until the release date for Winds of Winter is announced (I may be waiting quite a while still !!)

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      2. While a lot of her struggles were internal, I think they could have done a lot with her and Petyr plotting for her to have the Eyrie and Winterfell. It would have brought so much intrigue to the show.
        I’m happy with Arya but completely bored with Tyrion. And Tyrion was so great in the books!
        I really hope we see R+L=J in this season! They need to confirm that so we can all feel justified in knowing we were right lol
        And I heard a rumor that he is working on nothing, not even the show, until he finishes Winds of Winter. I really hope the rumor is true and we have it by this time next year because it’s been so long!

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