Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Picked Up On A Whim

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted each week by The Broke and the Bookish

This weeks theme is 10 books I picked up on a whim! These are books I picked up randomly and I have already read them and enjoyed them! 

1) The Lost Hero– I found this one at a secondhand bookstore and I had started the Percy Jackson series at this point so I decided to pick it up. I’m almost done with it right now and I love it! 2) A Court of Thorns and Roses– Everyone and their mother was talking about this book so I picked it up and it was one of the greatest decisions I ever made! 3) Splintered series- This was a cover buy and one of the best cover buys ever. 4) Outlander– I still don’t know what made me pick up this massive book but I am so glad I did. 5) Cinder- Another book I picked up because everyone was talking about it. I thought the concept sounded kinda weird and now it’s one of my new favorite series. 6) The Museum of Intangible Things– Another cover buy and I read this in about 24 hours because I loved it so much 7) The Selection– These books are totally not something I normally read but I absolutely loved them! 8) Illuminae– I wasn’t sure what this book was supposed to be about but people were freaking out about it and the cover is pretty so I bought it and loved it! 9) Between Shades of Gray– I love historical fiction and this was a new topic for me so I couldn’t help but pick the book up! 10) The Eye of Minds– I’m not a gamer so this was a whole new world for me and it was so cool! I’m still not a gamer though. 
What are some books you bought on a whim? 

Also, I’m looking for a good historical fiction book to read if anyone has any recommendations? 

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Picked Up On A Whim

    1. I enjoyed all the books on my list and I’m pretty sure I have reviews up for all but 1 of them! I love finding new books to buy based off the cover or a cool description vs everyone talking about them constantly.

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  1. I find the covers for Splintered actually kind of creepy, haha. Admittedly though I’m not a huge fan of insects and feel neutrally towards Alice in Wonderland. πŸ˜›

    As for historical fiction recs… YA ones? The Book Thief is what comes to mind. I haven’t read it yet but my bf and my cousin (who’s supremely picky with books) really liked it. And Wolf by Wolf, if you don’t mind a bit of sci-fi. πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha the covers of the Splintered series are extremely eerie in my opinion but I just love them for some reason.

      I’ve read The Book Thief and loved it but haven’t gotten to Wolf by Wolf yet. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews for it though!


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