Top Ten Tuesday: 24 May, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted each week by The Broke and the Bookish and this weeks topic is ….

Ten books I feel differently after time has passed.

There’s one problem here … My opinion doesn’t change after I’ve finished a book typically. It’s happened twice out of the hundreds of books I’ve read. So this isn’t going to work for me. 

Instead, my top 10 books I’m planning on reading this summer! 


  1. The Son of Neptune
  2. The Mark of Athena
  3. The House of Hades 
  4. The Blood of Olympus 

Yes, I am planning on finishing The Heroes of Olympus series first and foremost this summer! As soon as my book bingo is over it is happening! 

Ummm… It won’t let me do the indented number thingy and pick up at 5 so ….

  1. (5) The Heir 
  2. (6) The Crown
  3. (7) Ensnared 
  4. (8) Untamed

And again… 

  1. (9) Queen of Hearts
  2. (10) Everyone Brave is Forgiven
  3. (11) Rebel of the Sands

And some more bookish pictures for your enjoyment… Hopefully … 

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 24 May, 2016

    1. The only books I could think of were the Twilight series (loved it now I don’t) and Mockingjay (didn’t like it now I love it) but that was it lol
      And I was so excited my Barnes and Noble finally got it in stock so I had to pick it up!


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