Book Discussions #1

I really want to have conversations with you guys. I try to be good about responding to comments and asking questions but I might try to do a weekly/monthly book discussion post. Maybe I’ll ask about a specific book or a genre or an author and I would to find people chatting with me or each other … You get the drift. 

So this weeks discussion….. 

How do you organize your bookshelf? 

My is usually a mess. I actually cleaned it up to take this photo. But mine is in serious need of a revamp. 

I’m thinking of making this bookcase and my small wire shelves next to it into my TBR shelves. So I would put all my unread books on it and leave my read ones on my other grouping of shelves … I think it could work out quite nicely because I think I have enough room/books for both. But that would mean splitting up some series and I don’t know … 

So, how do you organize your shelves? Are they alphabetical? Color coordinated? I’m curious to know! 

29 thoughts on “Book Discussions #1

  1. I try (keyword:try) to organize my bookshelf by genre, and within the genres I have read books horizontally, and unread books vertically (so the more I read, the more space I have). But I have my books and can fit so I have some haphazard piles on top of shelves and other furniture.

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  2. Mine looks extremely organized on the outside, but really I just (attempt to) find places where books and book-shaped objects might (potentially) fit. There’s a row of “old friend books” and currently being read ones sitting on the back of my desk to keep me company. XD.

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