Standalone or Series? Book Discussion #2

Do you prefer reading a standalone book or a series? 

Personally, I like series. Sometimes I feel like standalones (especially shorter ones) can be missing something. Plus I like to be able to follow characters for extended periods of time. 

There are tons of standalones I do love though! One of my favorite books is Looking for Alaska by John Green and that’s a standalone. Although… I wouldn’t mind finding out what happened to all of them after Culver Creek …. 

But I’m a huge fan of series. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Lunar Chronicles, anything by Rick Riordan … I could go on. 

So, which do you prefer, standalones or series? 

13 thoughts on “Standalone or Series? Book Discussion #2

  1. I love how series allow us to dig deeper into the characters’ personalities and background. I always enjoy meeting my favorite characters after a little break in a new book. But I also appreciate well-crafted standalones. The choice is too hard! I think it depends on the genre, and the ability of the author to create characters and plots that are complex and interesting enough to fill more than just one book.

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  2. This is a tough one, but I’ve have to say standalones. There are so many books I want to read and standalones just wrap it all up neatly.
    Although there are some series that I really love, I’m not entirely sure.

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      1. Maybe it’s just cause I’m really busy atm, there’s so much to read! 🙂
        A Thousand Nights is a really good standalone – I chose that one over The Wrath and the Dawn because I didn’t want to get into another series.

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