Top Ten Tuesday: 7 June, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted each week by The Broke and the Bookish! This weeks topic is Top Ten Reasons Why You Love X! 

I love topics like these because there’s so much more leeway with what you can pick. So my choice is ….. 

Top 10 reasons why I love Harry Potter!  So here goes! 

1) The characters! They are so amazing and so unique. Everything about them just works together. There’s characters you love, characters you hate, and everyone in between. 

2) Magic! Who doesn’t love magic? 

3) Magical Creatures- phoenix, Sphinx, giant, hippogriffs! They’re all so awesome! 

4) It is totally unique! There’s nothing else out there like it and there will never be anything to compare to it! 

5) The stories- Each book has its own unique story and all of them tie into the bigger picture. 

6) Illustrated editions. Now when I have kids I can read them these stories and have pictures to go along with them! Real reason, they’re just really cool. 

7) Luna Lovegood- she’s become one of my all time favorite female characters! I love how she is her one person and that she is not afraid to be different.  

8) Oliver Wood. I had the biggest crush on movie version of him for the longest time. Still kinda do … 

9) The comraderie of the fans, the fact that we will be fans for life. So many people love this series and are not afraid to their love for the series. All the fangirling, rereading of the books, rewatching of the movies… It’s all so awesome! 

10) The fact that it will never get old. No matter how many times I read the books or watch the movies, they never get old. 

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