Hardcover or Paperback? Book Discussions #3

So, which do you prefer, paperbacks or hardcovers? 

I have a love for both to be honest but let’s weigh the pros and cons of both, shall we …



  1. Lightweight and easily portable
  2. Cheaper (but not cheaper than ebooks typically) 
  3. Shelf space- typically they’re smaller so you can fit so many more of them on the shelf! (Unless they’re Outlander or Game of Thrones because those are a pain in paperback too) 


  1. More easily damaged (covers being bent or ripped) 



  1. They’re so pretty! 
  2. More durable- I’m less likely to rip that cover when I shove it in my purse! 


  1. The dust jacket- it looks so pretty on but do I want to risk damaging it while I’m reading the book? Do I take it off? Then I have to be careful where I put it. So much work! 
  2. Heavy, they can be so heavy! 
  3. Expensive- they can be twice the cost of a paperback! 
  4. Shelf space- they take up so much more space! 

What do you think? 

Personally I couldn’t pick. I love them for different reasons and own just as many hardcovers as I do paperbacks! 

26 thoughts on “Hardcover or Paperback? Book Discussions #3

  1. I don’t buy paperbacks. I am horribly awful ont hem and end up breaking the spines when I read them, and then they aren’t as pretty! 😦 So hardback it is. I just take the dust cover off and store it safely on my bookshelf.

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      1. That certainly doesn’t hurt. πŸ˜€ I wish ebooks were cheaper, too. 11 dollars for an ebook is killer. I just buy the hardcovers on amazon at that point. They are just a couple more dollars.

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  2. I like hardback as far as how they look on my shelf, but paperbacks are much easier to read. I’ve broken way too many spines though. They’re also lighter and easier to hold open without getting carpal tunnel. They fit better inside a purse. I also have to remove the cover on a hardback, which always annoys me because they fall off. I just pre-ordered Nevernight. It’s my first hardback in years. It’s autographed so I’m pretty psyched about it. I read 98% ebooks now. They’re cheaper, more portable, and easier to read.

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    1. Yeah I’ve been reading more ebooks lately too (it’s my discussion post for next week actually). And I agree with all of that, paperbacks are so much easier to read and transport but hardcovers just look so much nicer on the shelf (even though they take up way more room!)

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  3. I love both paperback and hardcover. I usually buy paperback, just because I love to go to used bookstores and library book sales and also I’m cheap and don’t want to pay hardcover price. I rarely purchase a new release in hardcover, it’s usually on Kindle for me. But, I do love how a hardcover lays when I’m reading it. If I happen to read hardcover, I always take the dust jacket off while reading. I like my dust jackets to stay pristine.

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    1. I love both too and I buy both. I usually try to get the paperbacks if I can but sometimes I’m too impatient and don’t want to wait for shipping of for the paperback to be released. I like to get ebooks too and I’ve been saving money by getting them from my library lately! They have a better selection than I would have thought!

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  4. I always buy paperbacks. I can’t really explain why I like them more. I own nearly 300 books and out of all of them, only 7 are hardback – and all of those were what other people gave me haha!

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  5. It’s really hard to get Hardcovers in Australia I don’t know why but bookstores over here basically only sell Paperbacks so I’ve always had paperback ☺️
    I buy first editions in hardcovers online or if it’s one of my favourite series or a hyped book I’ll buy a hardcover because I like to re-read them and paperbacks crack from to many reads 😩
    Great post 😁

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    1. Thanks!
      And I didn’t know there were places it was harder to get hardcovers! Here you can only get the hardcover for the first year or so that its out, it takes forever for them to put the paperback edition out!


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