My Rating System

For anyone who has followed my blog for a while you may have noticed something ….. 

I have never rated a book below 3 stars. 

In fact, I rarely rate books at 3 stars. I’m usually a 4 or 5 star person. 

You might be wondering how this could be. Nicole, wasn’t there ever a book you couldn’t stand? Wasn’t there a book that just completely disappointed you? The answer would be no. And here’s why:

  1. I don’t read critiques of books before I pick them up. By anyone. Even other blogs. I may glance at a rating given to a book but I won’t read a persons thoughts. This way I don’t know what other people thought of the book before I start reading it. It’s incredibly difficult to do sometimes and you can’t help but have people tell you how much they loved or were disappointed by a book once you start it but I avoid the reasons why they loved/were disappointed by the book. 
  2. I go in with absolutely no expectations. I read a lot of reviews for books that people didn’t like and a lot of them include phrases like “I expected it to be like (insert book title here” or even “I heard it was like (book title) but it really wasn’t” or even “It was like a worse version of (book title)”. I try oh so very hard not to compare books to each other. I feel like it is unfair to compare books to each other so I do my best not to. 
  3. I don’t DNF books. I don’t know how the book is going to end. What if the end is what boosts it from a 2 star to a 3 star? Had I stopped reading Dorothy Must Die when I thought it was getting stupid I never would have read the end which, more or less, earned it the rating it got. Maybe it’s just a halfway decent first book to set up better books later on. I don’t know so I want to give it every opportunity to earn a decent rating. 
  4. I read at my own discretion. I don’t read a book unless it interests me. If the description of the book doesn’t interest me then I don’t read it. Plain and simple. To me, it doesn’t matter that everyone loves it, if it doesn’t interest me I won’t think twice about it. 

How I rate books

There’s a few things I think about when I rate books …. Okay I don’t actually consider my rating thoroughly when I rate them. When I finish a book I immediately go on Goodreads and click whichever rating feels right. And I’ve never changed a rating. That’s why I rate and write reviews right away, I feel like they should be in the moment. Because you can always find things wrong if you sit there and really think about it. 

Do you have a set system? Or are you more like me and kinda just go with your gut reaction when rating a book? 

10 thoughts on “My Rating System

  1. Given that I read a ton of independently published stuff,there’s not often a lot out there to sway my opinion of a book one way or another. I do a cursory check on Goodreads, but I’m generally looking for stuff like “Needs edited. Littered with typos.” etc.

    I do occasionally rate books lower than 3 stars. Sometimes I even give 1 star. However, 3 is my general ‘didn’t care for it’ rating. 3 is … forgettable. 2 is “You annoyed me because you had a perfectly good idea and you RUINED IT!” 1 is…well, let’s not talk about what it takes to get 1 star.

    I guess:

    5 – Rave-worthy. Oh my god, this was awesome and you have to read it.
    4 – Solid, entertaining read. Not going to talk anyone’s ear off about it, but I definitely enjoyed it.
    3 – *shrug* 5 minutes later, couldn’t tell you more than the title and the main character’s name.
    2 – You done ticked me off. How could you ruin a good book like that?
    1 – ….. Get thee behind me, Satan.

    A perfect example of a book that I knew basically nothing about, and ended up disliking was Devour by Kurt Anderson. I saw the cover, I saw the blurb, I ordered it from the library. That was the extent of my knowledge of the book. It failed on almost every level.

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    1. It takes a lot to get lower than 3 stars from me but you said it perfectly. You really have to have a good idea that is just horribly done for me to give 2 or even 1 star. I almost gave 2 stars to Dorothy Must Die but the ending of that book saved it from a total bust for me. My 4 and 5 star ratings can be interchangeable at times. There have been books I thought were fantastic that I gave 4 stars to and some that when I put it down I thought “that was really good, what’s next” and gave 5 stars to. It depends on my mood some days.

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  2. I already gave 2 stars ratings to books that failed at keeping me interested, or ruined the ideas that they were supposed to handle. However, I have never rated a book with only one star.

    My rating goes like this:
    5 stars: favorite book alert, buy this immediately, I am in love
    4 stars: I loved this book
    3 stars: I liked it. I had minor issues with it but overall it was a good read. Okay but nothing spectacular.
    2 stars: I did not enjoy it.
    1 star: I did not like it. Things did not work out between us.
    I had half stars when I liked it but some things keep me on the fence about giving a better rating.

    I do DNF books when reading becomes painful. I don’t have enough time to waste on books that bore me 🙂

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    1. I use half stars too when I don’t want to give it say 3 stars but it hasn’t earned 4 stars. The book really has to fail to get a 2 star rating from me and then to get a 1 star it has to fail on an epic level! I’m sure there will be a book one day that earns 2 or 1 star.

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      1. But I do use the rating system on Goodreads haha (I’m such a hypocrite) and most of the time I rate just based on gut feeling

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