Ebooks: Yay or Nay? Book Discussions 4

Ebooks are such a huge topic of debate in the book community. Some people love them. Some people think they are blasphemous and will only read physical copies of books. So I am curious as to where you fall in this debate.

Do you read on an ereader? Do you only read physical books? 

I have a kindle, recently I upgraded to a backlit one for reading at night, and I absolutely love it! I’ll give you my reasons why. 

  1. It’s super small, lightweight, and very easy to transport. It’s so convienent to be able to grab my kindle and throw it in my purse when I have a long day at work or if I have an appointment to get to and I might have to sit and wait. I love reading actual books but sometimes they’re just too cumbersome to carry around (i.e. Harry Potter or Outlander). 
  2. Storage space. You can fit tons of books on an ereader! I have 100+ books on my kindle and I can fit hundreds if not thousands more! And I can carry all those books around with me wherever I go. All I need is an outlet every so often to charge it up and I’m set. 
  3. Cost. Yes, the ereader can be expensive if you don’t find a great deal on one. But it will pay for itself eventually. First, ebooks are so much cheaper than regular books and their prices are constantly changing and there’s always deals! And there’s always deals for free books! Plus I have a bit of a spoiler for some of you….. 
  4. Ebooks from the library are amazing to use! I recently learned that when I borrow a library ebook, Amazon gives me the option to “download now” which saves the book to my computer. So I can put it back on my kindle permanently when the loan ends. How awesome?! Or, if you want to be more upstanding than me, just shut the wifi off and you can keep it as long as you want. 
  5. Reading speed. For some reason I read so much faster on my kindle than with a regular book. I don’t know why, it’s just something that happens. 
  6. It doesn’t stop you from owning the actual books. I own all the Harry Potter books and have copies on my kindle. That way I don’t have to lug around all 870 pages of Order of the Phoenix when I go to work, instead I can read it on my kindle. I have multiples of Outlander and A Song of Ice and Fire as well because the books are so long. 

I am clearly an ebook advocate. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love books. I own even more books than ebooks. I just like having the convenience of the ebook. 

So let me know your thoughts! 

6 thoughts on “Ebooks: Yay or Nay? Book Discussions 4

  1. Before joining the book blogging community, I was a physical books advocate. The all “nothing can replace the weight of a book in your hand and the smell of the pages in the air* kind of reader 🙂 I still love physical copies of course, but eBooks offer so much that it is difficult to resist. First, I’m a student, so getting eBooks, which are often cheaper, is the easiest way to get more and more books. Then, stories get an earlier release in ebooks and/or hardbacks, so I can read books earlier than if I had to wait for the paperback version. I bought my Kindle at the beginning of June and I now carry my baby everywhere.

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    1. My mom bought me a kindle a few years ago as a congrats for getting a promotion at work gift and I thought I would never use it. Now it’s with me all the time too! And I love that I can buy a book on my kindle for $10 instead of having to go out and get the hardcover for $30.

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  2. I have a Kindle Paperwhite, but also a vast collection of physical books. I’m an English major and so I have to read a lot, and when reading for classes, I prefer to take notes, tab, and underline, which is much easier if I have access to a physical book. Normally I use my e-reader to read things for fun, if I’m reading a long series (I have Heroes of Olympus and Throne of Glass on my e-reader), or if I’m traveling and don’t want to carry 3-4 books with me. I enjoy going to my local bookstore and so I have been trying to buy more locally than from Amazon, but sometimes, an e-reader is more convienent or cheaper. I, personally, do not think there should be a debate. Reading is reading, and the words on the page will remain the same.

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